Selected candidate after being admitted in the College will have to abide by rules & regulations conducive to healthy atmosphere of instructional work. The following rules are to be followed by the selected candidates their stay in the Institute:

  1. The students are expected to maintain high sense of discipline and responsibility.
  2. They shall desist from politics and not indulge in any anti-social or sub-versive activity.
  3. They will not accept or join any full time of part time job in any institution during the period of training.
  4. They will not appear in any other examination of any Board or University so long as they are under this training course:
  5. Leave shall only be availed by the candidate on compassionate grounds.
  6. A student remaining on unauthorised absence for continuously 15 days shall be liable to be struck off from the Institute.
  7. In case of absence, a fine of Rs.2/- per period and Rs7/- for more than one period shall be imposed for each day.
  8. The Use of Drug or Alcohol is strictly Prohibited and the offender can face rustication.
  9. On occurrence of gross Misconduct/offences by any student, head of Institution reserves the right to suspend/expel or initiate prosecution against such offender.

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