Message from the Principal

The great Indian scriptures say that the best way to move forward in this world is to light your own lamp from within. A knowledgeable individual is made through the process of learning & teaching. The emphasis should be on creating an individual who can be a torch-bearer to himself and to the society.

Always remember, our life is a “Tapa’ and we burn ourselves day & night performing our karma. Heather this burning spreads a sweet fragrance or emits unwholesome smells depends on our actions. Selflessly sincern and focused deeds always elevate the entire atmosphere with their positive aura whereas mean, dishonest and wayward actions pollute the air with unsavory negativity. The choice lies with us. Let us choose to be like sandalwood in Yagya of life and not driftwood or deadwood.

According to Rig Veda, education is that which makes a man self reliant and selfless. Man is supreme creation of nature. He is blessed with intelligence, conscience, creativity, sensitivity and intellect. We can develop & modify ourselves only through education. Thus education is greatly essential for the growth and development of individual as well as society. We can say that education is life and life is meaningless without education. Education means all round development of personality of the students. We develop our students not only in curriculars activites, round development of the students.

There is a fountain of energy with in us. We need to charge ourselves by cultivating our facilities so that we can force this energy out. Our college offers you an opportunity to channelize your energy and let it flow unchecked by the clogs of anger confusion, greed and hatred. The clear stream of reason logic and wisdom, you acquire will wash away any doubt that cloud your vision. You will develop a clear perception of who are you and your place in the world. Your will develop a clear perception of who are you and your place in the world. Tour guiding principles should be beauty and truth. Love the beauty in every creation of God, be it nature or Man and search for truth and Goodness in  your self and people around you.

All my wishes for you to become a WINNER.

Dr. Sunita Shukla


Cosmic College of Education,